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A kodak moment

Instead of feeding oats to cows—so that they can convert the oats to cow’s milk—why not just make milk from oats?

I have nothing against cows. But they release a lot of methane, which warms the atmosphere and contributes to #climatechange, so it seems reasonable to lessen our reliance on cow’s milk.

Today, we know how to make milk from oats that is equal to cow’s milk.

Am I saying that we should banish cow’s milk? No, of course not. I’m simply suggesting that in the years ahead, many farmers and factories will increase their profits by cutting cows out of the equation.

One of the truths of business is that disruption of established industries always comes from the edges of that industry. IBM was too tied to mainframe computers to succeed in the PC space; Kodak was too tied to film to survive the transition to digital cameras.

So I get that the world’s largest producers and distributors of #dairyproducts will likely miss many of the opportunities to profit from #oatmilk. But I’m hoping that others across the #foodandbeverageindustry will recognize the shifting needs and preferences of consumers.

Comment with your Kodak Moments!

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