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As we drive West, we are far safer from the environment than ever before.

Just as Joel Bowman writes in his latest piece, we are grateful that we are not making the journey West in a horse-drawn wagon. Instead we have access to a modern automobile, equipped with AC, power outlet for the freezer. That we bring along with food for the dog and ice for his water.

Here is a short quote, and if you want to read more. There is a link in the first comment below. Great for reflection on a nice warm Sunday as this one.

“Such are the myriad pleasures, amenities and conveniences afforded us in the modern world. The industrial revolution, aided in no small part by cheap, plentiful, energy-dense oil, catapulted man into an age that would have been unrecognizable to all but the wealthiest kings and sultans of bygone eras”

Deaths from climate-related disasters have gone down 98-99% over the past century. The planet is becoming more liveable, not less. We enjoy a quality of life that was unthinkable just a generation or two ago.

Any credible prediction of climate catastrophe must satisfy 2 criteria:

1. It must acknowledge that we are currently safer from climate than humans have ever been.

2. The failed history of climate catastrophe predictions.


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