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“Be Irrationally Confident” is the..

“Be Irrationally Confident” is the headline of a newsletter Bruce Kasanoff published this morning (link in my comment below). I couldn’t agree more.

When you set out to do something big, you have to KNOW you are going to succeed. It has to be real in your mind. Even more importantly, you have to feel in your heart that there is NO QUESTION that you will succeed.

As Bruce writes, the voice in your head needs to say, “"This is going to be incredibly difficult, but I am willing to die trying."

Everything that entrepreneurial companies seek to do is insanely difficult. No rational person would set out to be an entrepreneur. Yet, many of us succeed. Why?

We are “irrational”. We don’t care that crazy big obstacles will inevitably arise. When they do, we’ll overcome them, one way or another.

Here’s the rub: we need the people around us to be irrationally confident, too.

If you are determined to succeed within an entrepreneurial company, I have three words for you:



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