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Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business

Thinking long term is about understanding the path to success. When we see considerable achievements, we often miss the essential hard work and struggle, all the investments and small improvements that went into earlier stages of that “sudden succeess”.

Success over the long term, today more than ever, means understanding the relationship between early investments and later rewards. And in a situation like the one we have today, like none before, thinking long term requires that we do this in the midst of tremendous uncertainty, unpredictability, and accelerating change.

This book by the co-#founder and #ceoWhole Foods MarketJohn Mackey talks about this from many perspectives. And if you are anything like me, this is a book that you should read. Maybe it will help you avoid many of the mistakes I hade to make, still making and learning from.

“Too often, a new CEO comes in after a founder and innovator has created an extraordinary business. They address many important issues: cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and “making the trains run on time.” The business may perform better in the short term. In fact, if the business has a long enough runway, that approach can reap rewards for some time. But ultimately, unless those leaders are also able to think long term—or empower others who can—and plant seeds of investment for the future, they’ll never be adequate stewards of the business over a longer time frame.”

Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business


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