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Here’s a #hack that makes it easy for you to act like you are being “more disciplined,” when in reality you are simply enjoying yourself.

#discipline is the ability to do something now that will benefit you later, and to behave repeatedly in this manner. It is a critically important skill to maintain #health, #professionalsuccess and strong #relationships

There are two paths to discipline: the hard versus the easy path.

The hard path requires an immense amount of willpower and struggle. It generally requires you to do the opposite of what your body and brain wants to do. When people say, “Be more disciplined,” this is what they are thinking about.

The easy path is to shift your #selfimage to support the type of behaviors that discipline will bring. For example, my self-image is that I am a fit person. Therefore, I take pleasure in eating #healtyfood, in exercising, and in monitoring my health on a very regular basis. These activities are pleasurable for me, because they support my self-image.

In other words, if you want to become more disciplined, focus first on shifting your self-image, which may also cause you to shift your circle of friends (i.e. fitness conscious people seldom hang out with a hard drinking crowd, etc.) It is easy to do things that support your self-image.


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