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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Your ability to understand—and get along with—other people is increasingly based on your ability to do ONE thing: keep talking to someone even after they offend you.

If you tell me you despise “fair-haired Swedish entrepreneurs who live in Florida,” I will ask you why.

I won’t scream at you. I won’t race off in a huff.

Instead, I’m much more likely to ask how you could despise me without ever talking to me? I’ll ask about your experiences and how you formed that opinion.

Most of the people in the world think differently than you do. If your prerequisite for a new relationship is that someone agrees with you, then you have already eliminated most of humanity as potential friends.

You can tell me my business decisions are wrong or that I don’t understand how the world works. As long as you have a coherent explanation of how you think, I’ll still be happy to interact with you.

BTW, many of my best friends are people who constantly disagree with what I say and do.


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