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Does Dave have a point?

Should we focus on stuff that actual makes the world a better place.

Dave Asprey
Given @elonrmuskk unreliable test results, and the fact that even a tunnel vision organization like the WHO says lockdowns are a bad idea, why are we doing this to ourselves again?
Lockdowns cost lives too. Suicide. Depression. Loneliness. Disconnection. Poverty. Hopelessness. Those are real, and they don’t show up in the death count now, but they take lives anyway.
It makes a lot more sense to do stuff that actually works. You know, like remove seed oils from our food, provide everyone with free vitamin D3, and even just outright cure diabetes.
You can do all that for $4 trillion and still have enough change left over to buy a country.
That’s how much the US spent on our bungled response to this so far.
I get it. Politicians need to show us that they are “doing something.” It’s not OK to trick people into doing something that doesn’t work so that they will believe you’re taking action.
It’s time for the right action.
Only. Do. Stuff. That. Works.

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