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Don’t just follow orders.

There are times when the WORST thing you can do for a boss (or a client) is what they tell you to do.

Their job is not to know everything that you know. So when the pressure increases and they get uncomfortable, many leaders have a tendency to start giving orders.

But you shouldn’t ever blindly follow such orders, especially when you recognize that doing so would hurt the very people you are trying to help.

It takes strength and courage—plus strong communication skills—to resist the urge to simply follow orders.

A true professional’s job is to deliver certain outcomes. Let’s imagine it’s your job to increase annual revenues by 15%. There almost certainly will be certain months when sales are disappointing. Should you back away from your strategy, just because your boss gets nervous? Not necessarily… this is when you will really earn your compensation.

Own the outcomes, but defend your right to deliver them in the manner that best reflects your experience and skill set.


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