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Everyone who owns an Apple product has seen..

Everyone who owns an Apple product has seen some version of this statement: Designed by Apple in California.

It’s a nice way of acknowledging that what differentiates Apple is its design process, rather than its ability to manufacture products. This does not mean that manufacturing is unimportant; to the contrary, the best-designed product is worthless if the manufacturing is flawed.

Liquid - We Make It Easier! is learning this lesson.

In 2018 and 2019, we could not find the manufacturing capacity in the United States to produce equipment our customers needed, so we started making products ourselves. I did not do this with joy, because my interest has always been in engineering and being in the field. But our customers needed us to help them, so we did.

These days, the circumstances are far different. Huge amounts of money have been invested into American manufacturing plants and we have no problem finding manufacturers who can meet or exceed our design standards. For that reason, we are shifting our strategy back to: we design, then we hire someone to make it.

This is a true win/win. Our customers will benefit and we get to return to what we do best: engineer and design.


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