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For new companies and facilities, Liquid - We Make It Easier!

For new companies and facilities, Liquid - We Make It Easier! often serves as a translator who can listen to their goals and translate them into specific actions our clients must take to realize them.

This photo shows Anders Bodin (driving), Decio Habiro and I on a road trip to such a client. Anders is a sales engineer and Desio is a senior MES engineer.

In situations such as this one, our client often knows what they want, but not exactly how to achieve it. For example, they might have received funding to build a certain type of manufacturing facility to produce plant-based protein. But they often lack the technical and production know-how to give detailed specifications to an automation company, which makes it very difficult for them to hire such a company.

We understand each part of the production process. At the theoretical level, our customer has taken different process steps and put them together in a unique combination. But we are the experts in each and every step of that process that they described. We are the ones who can tweak their vision to make it operate in a flawless manner, year after year.

Our customer can say “we want a little bit more of this, we want a little less of that” and we can make it happen.

Serving as a translator—or bridge, if you will—is an incredibly vital role, but one that is often hard for companies to recognize that they need.

Our new clients often feel like they are stuck, without understanding precisely why that is the case. We then have to explain that moving from a grand vision to a meticulously planned and executed production plant can be nearly impossible… unless someone is in our role, serving as a deeply experienced translator.


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