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For the past week, I have been..

For the past week, I have been mesmerized by this animation, which shows how the planets in our solar system actually orbit around the Sun.

This looks nothing like the simplistic “science” most of us were taught, with planets orbiting in a flat plane around an unmoving Sun.

Why do we simplify things so much they become flat out wrong? And how often do we do this? (NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration & European Space Agency - ESA)

(HINT: Very often.)

Our world is far more complicated than most of us admit, and anyone who claims to know “the answer” is likely mistaken.

Two lessons…

First, be curious about the way the world actually works. Dig deeper. Be open-minded. Beware “just trust me” answers.

Second, be humble. This animation reminded me how little I actually know. Even the smartest person on Earth only grasps a tiny fraction of the truths that surround us.


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