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Goals are just words until you put..

Goals are just words until you put an effective process to work.

In the movie, The Martian, Astronaut Mark Watney is stranded on Mars. He knows everyone back home thinks he is dead.

His goals are to:

A.) Stay alive

B.) Get off the planet

Whitney methodically starts to engineer his way out of a very deep and dark situation. He devises and implements one process after another, seeking a way to signal his team back on Earth that he is still alive.

This sort of persistence, focus and ingenuity is what matters… and not only when you are stranded on Mars. It matters in all our lives.

I’m not sure that Watney ever muttered the words, “My goal is to stay alive.” But he was driven to survive.

I don’t care whether you use a “process” or a “set of habits” or “persistent drive”. You just need to DO something, rather than just talk about your goals.


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