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Goals - Strategies - Action

When you encounter a large, slow-to-act company, please keep in mind that their problem probably isn’t simply that they have grown too large and inflexible. In most cases, the problem is also that they have forgotten one of the most basic business principles:

Your Goals (should determine your) Strategy (which guides your) Actions

Lots of companies skip the Goals step entirely. They jump to Strategy, which is often stated in such vague and general terms that no one—especially most employee—understands what it means.

Lacking a strong connection between Goals and Strategy, such companies make their employees’ lives very difficult, because every decision has to go up the ladder in a painfully slow and unpleasant process of endless meetings. Of course, this also makes life difficult for the organization’s customers.

The alternative is for leadership to clearly enunciate Goals and Strategy, and then to give employees the freedom to make their own decisions about the right actions in support of these. I call this: (real) freedom with accountability.

When you encounter a company that responds quickly (and well) to inquiries, the odds are very high that employees have such freedom, and that they understand how their actions support the company’s Goals and Strategy.


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