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Growing up in Sweden, my most..

Growing up in Sweden, my most vivid childhood memories are tied to the Lucia celebrations on December 13th. This day, symbolizing light and hope in the heart of winter, was especially meaningful to me.

Each year, I eagerly participated in the Lucia procession at school. Wearing a white robe and holding a candle, I joined my classmates in this magical tradition. The procession was led by a girl portraying Saint Lucia, her crown of candles casting a warm, enchanting glow. Together, we walked, singing traditional Lucia songs, our voices mingling in the crisp winter air.

The smell of saffron buns and the taste of warm, mulled wine (alcohol-free) marked these celebrations. But more than that, it was a time of togetherness, of shared joy as the winter holidays approached. I remember the anticipation of the holidays, looking forward to days of play and laughter in the snow with friends.

Lucia Day was a blend of our cultural heritage and childhood joy. It was a day when the dark Swedish winter was brightened, a cherished tradition that still holds a special place in my heart.


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