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Have you noticed any of this new money..

Have you noticed any of this new money landing in your bank account?

Recent data shows a startling acceleration in the U.S. national debt, which has been growing at a pace of $1.2 billion per hour over the last 19 days. If we extrapolate this rate over a full year, we're looking at an annualized increase of nearly $10.52 trillion.

👨‍💼 What Does This Mean for the Average Worker?

For each worker in the United States, this rate of debt accumulation translates to an additional $70,000 annually. This is on top of the existing $230,000 in debt that each worker already bears.

⛽ A Vicious Cycle

It's important to note that these alarming rates and enormous deficits aren't just isolated statistics; they're indicators of a cycle that's likely to generate even more debt if left unchecked.

🛑 Time for Immediate Action

The sheer magnitude of these figures calls for an immediate reassessment of our fiscal policies. Is it sustainable for us to accumulate debt at this speed? The hard truth suggests it's not.


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