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I am especially grateful for the ancient Swedish custom of Allemansrätten.

As my Liquid - We Make It Easier! 2023 Road Trip continues, I am especially grateful for the ancient Swedish custom of Allemansrätten.

Allemansrätten is also called everyman’s right. It means that we have the right to walk and ski across other people’s properties, as long as we are respectful in our behaviors.

This custom has two huge benefits. First, it gives us easy access to nature. In America, there are all sorts of places we can’t go, because so many other people own the land around shorelines, rivers, mountains, ski areas and so on. In Sweden, you can ski and hike almost wherever you like.

The second benefit is teaching all members of society to be responsible. The custom guides us to take into account the rights of neighbors and wildlife. For example, we are taught not to disturb other people on their lot, because they have a right to privacy. In a similar manner, it’s okay to pick berries out in the woods, but if we are riding a bike, we should not do so in a manner that would leave a trace behind.

On our trip, Casper and I are very much enjoying running in the mountains. The cold air and the pristine environment makes it an absolute joy, especially since we have the freedom to go wherever seems most appealing at the time.

If you are ever tempted to think that people can’t live well together, remember Allemansrätten. It’s evidence that exactly the opposite is true. A few simple principles make all our lives better.


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