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I hate fake advertising. So..

I hate fake advertising. So much of marketing and sales is BS nonsense. If you know me, you know this is true.

This is why I worry about my recent decision to start using the same six words repeatedly over the coming months. Those words are: we have a solution for that.

It’s important to me that you understand this is not marketing nonsense. It is a fact.

These six words capture a fundamental truth about the way that Liquid - We Make It Easier! operates, and why we are so different from the way most other companies organize themselves.

In one year, a typical Liquid employee gets exposed to a far wider range of experiences than most plant leaders do in five or ten years. For the most part, the plant leaders work in one facility with one set of physical assets. Our people go into many different plants, and we often are brought in when tensions—and problems—are peaking.

So, the reason why “we have a solution for that” is because the odds are VERY high that we have dealt with your problem many times before. The odds are also high that your “impossible to solve” problem is one we can solve quickly and easily.

We made a conscious decision to operate in this manner, making certain that our people continually broaden their skills and experiences. A prerequisite for working here is that you are willing to deal with change (and sometimes chaos) on a daily basis.

It is literally a factual statement that no matter what problem or challenge you are facing, we have a solution for that.


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