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I’m happy to see Liquid Consulting taking the lead in..

- I’m a fan of principles, not rules.
- I’m a fan of people being treated like adults, not kids.

If there is something that is dangerous to society now, it is the mandates and restrictions that make healthy people stay at home and cause critical problems for healthcare, education, and other vital sectors.

It is now time to minimize the damage these measurements have on people. And accept that we must learn how to live with it and remember that we accept risk in our lives. Stop the fear-mongering and let people regain their lives.

Let us all work togheter to replace fear with common sense.

The name-calling and labelling, are diversions from what I think is most important here: the freedom for each of us to be able to make decisions for ourselves and our families, based on our own risk assessments. Yes, I’m anti-mandates that disregard those freedoms and stand in opposition to personal belief and agency.

Therefore, I’m happy to see Liquid Consulting taking the lead in #transitioning from #pandemic to #endemic.


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