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I pay attention to the “hive mind”, meaning the..

I pay attention to the “hive mind”, meaning the collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions that society holds. Why? Because although there is a ton of noise there, that’s also where we can spot new trends, beliefs and developments.

For example, I often discover new research studies in this manner, but then I actually read the research.

This flood of information can be overwhelming, so I need an anchor when diving into the hive mind. Mine is—you guessed it—to seek the truth.

These days, people are often screaming at each other. There have been a number of occasions when my sincere truth-seeking questions get interpreted by others in such a manner that they think I’m one of those “crazy idiots” on the other side.

I work very hard to not have a side. The truth is the truth. No one individual or group is always right or always accurate.

By the way, “seek the truth” also happens to be a highly effective way to serve my customers and solve their problems rapidly.


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