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I recently watched a video from Jack Maller who..

I recently watched a video from Jack Maller who made a compelling point: The currency you choose to store your hard-earned money in is a reflection of how you value your life.

This resonated with me. When we trade our labor for money, we essentially convert our societal contributions into a tangible form. But what happens when that money loses its value due to inflation? Simply put, the significance of our contributions and the rewards we reap from them are eroded.

The Equation is Simple: Fix the Money, Fix the World.

Inflation inherently rewards short-term spending at the expense of long-term planning. Imagine living in a deflationary world instead, where saving your money for just a year or two means you get more milk for the same amount. Such an environment would naturally encourage more thoughtful, long-term decision-making.

In business, the ultimate goal is to create value. Inflation acts as a corrosive force, eroding this value and undermining not just profits, but the sense of meaning we derive from contributing to society.

So let’s be intentional about where we store our value. The choices we make reverberate through our lives and our work.

What are your thoughts? Do you find Jack Maller's viewpoint as compelling as I do?


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