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I’ve moved from my childhood bedroom to..

I’ve moved from my childhood bedroom to my original and true home. My Liquid - We Make It Easier! Euro 2023 Road Trip has taken me to Visby, the walled town on the island of Gotland. This is where I was born and lived for the first years of my life. It is where I most feel at home.

My timing is wonderful, although it just happened to work out this way.

In two weeks, Frederik Wellendorph will come onboard to head up our European operations; I will spend the time until then here, relaxing and recharging, plus visiting family and friends.

Already Casper, our dog, is exhausted, because we started our day (before 5 a.m.) with an 8K run. He better get used to it, because my plan is to run everyday during our stay here.

The website for our town offers this description:

Visby has a well-preserved 3.5 kilometres long medieval ring wall (The Visby City Wall) with many of its original towers from the 1200s still intact. The wall encircles the centre of Visby and was initially built for protection against both foreign enemies and Swedish assailants from the countryside.

Thankfully, at this moment no one is attacking, although in the summer months the town does get invaded (in a good way) by tourists.

Before you know it, we’ll be back on the road, visiting customers. Stay tuned!


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