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In a world where the free market..

In a world where the free market thrives on informed decision-making, it's crucial that we apply the same principles to the political arena, especially when it comes to understanding the economy. To truly cut through the jargon and misinformation that politicians and mainstream media often spread about our economy and inflation, one must seek clarity and truth.

If you're searching for someone who offers insightful analysis devoid of the usual fluff, Peter St Onge, PhD is the voice worth listening to. His work meticulously dissects economic news, providing a clear, jargon-free explanation of complex issues, particularly inflation, in a way that's both accessible and enlightening.

Explore his Substack for thought-provoking articles, delve into his YouTube videos for in-depth discussions, or tune into his podcast for a comprehensive exploration of current economic events. I recommend starting with his weekly summary as a litmus test. Give Peter a chance to see if he can enhance your understanding of the economic narratives being spun around us.

For anyone looking to navigate the murky waters of economic news with a guide who values clarity and truth, Peter St Onge's insights are invaluable.


Please note: Links to Peter St Onge's Substack, YouTube channel, and podcast will be provided in the comments below for easy access. Stay informed!


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