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It is much easier to believe lies than the truth.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Because lies are manufactured to satisfy our emotions.

Many lies have become so widely accepted as truth that people have no idea how much in their lives may be rooted in complete falsehoods or lies because they have never even questioned it.

But at the end of the day, a lie is a lie and the truth still remains true. Sometimes we want the lie, because it makes our bad decisions seem good. It’s the easy way out. It feels safe and comfortable.

Why do people lie? Media and governments lie – for a political agenda, for money, for influence and power. Sometimes people lie for what they believe to be the greater good, “protecting” people from hard truths. Friends and family members lie. They lie to make you feel loved and accepted. Above all else, people lie to themselves, to self-preserve and to avoid making necessary changes.

There is no such thing as your truth, nor my truth. There is truth, and then there is perception, belief, and opinions. There is only one truth. There are open minded people who see it, who are ready to challenge their believes. And there are people who will never see the truth because their lies satisfy their emotions.

The world is either flat or round, not both. And it’s not one or the other based on who wins the debate, or which perspective gets the most votes.


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