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It’s easier to say than to do. But..

“Put on your own oxygen mask first” is not just good advice on an airplane; it’s also a wonderful #strategy for taking care of your own #health.

Take care of yourself, regardless of whether someone want to share their chocolate cake with you or do tequila shots with you in a bar.

The better your health, the better able you are to enjoy the relationships that matter most to you.

By “health”, I don’t just mean that you are free of disease. I mean that mentally, physically and socially you're in great shape. Think: you are an active member of a positive community. You have strong social connections. You feel good about life.

Most importantly, it means that you enjoy both a long and healthy life. This takes a lot of effort (and a bit of luck).

It requires making a series of good decisions about eating right, exercising regularly and taking care of your relationships.

In addition, it means being true to who YOU are. Some people can smoke and drink and live to be 100. (Okay, not many.) But most of us get out of shape quickly when we stop exercising. Others can’t even look at dessert without gaining weight.

By accepting the truth about how your body and mind works, you can make intelligent decisions—again and again and again—that maintain your health.

It’s easier to say than to do. But do it anyway.


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