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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Leadership is the lifeblood of any organization, and any leader worth their value knows that their team comes first. When you sign up for leadership, you are now responsible for the lives of others, and it comes at a great personal sacrifice, according to Simon Sinek. The risk is real because you have full responsibility for your team.

Simon also compare #leadership with parenting. Parents will sacrifice their lives to ensure their children are successful; it's the same with our leadership at Liquid Consulting. Our captains, as we call them. Must be, and are ready to sacrifice, to ensure there’s team is success.

3 of my key takeaways.

- Parenting is not an 8-17 activity, neither is leadership.

- Leadership is not for everyone.

- Many organizations are grossly over-parented and significantly under-led

Link to Simon’s webpage


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