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Let me share a quick update..

Let me share a quick update on our Euro 2023 Road-Trip as part of Liquid - We Make It Easier! 's European expansion. Currently, we're all set to explore the scenic landscapes of Norway and Sweden in the upcoming two weeks.

If you're in Norway or Sweden and interested in discussing potential opportunities as a future team member, customer, or a potential partner, I'm here and eager to connect.

During our conversations, you can expect me to ask about your perspective on a "win" in our collaboration. Similarly, I'd encourage you to pose the same question to me.

In the world of successful relationships, it's crucial that both sides emerge as winners. Often, business discussions are clouded by suspicion, with parties concealing their true vision of a win. This tendency can hinder progress.

Transparency and open dialogue are the keys to mutual success. Our partnership can only thrive if we're both satisfied with the outcomes.

And guess who's joining me in the backseat for this journey? Our cheerful fantastic dog, Casper! 🐾

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to journey, forging connections and fostering meaningful collaborations.


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