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Liquid Consulting since 2006

Time flies, and when it does, it is easy to loose track of things. Many seem to perceive that I worked for Tetra Pak for ages, some even think that I was a manger. In reality I only worked for Tetra Pak 6 years, 2000 to 2006 and finished as a Senior Process Specialist. Before that I was a process operator and process engineer at Arla Foods for 9 years. But since 2006 I have been working with Liquid Consulting, that I founded 2006 and moved to USA 2008, to get closer to the American(North, central and South) market. That is 15 years with Liquid Consulting, 9 with Arla Foods and just 6 years with Tetra Pak. So I worked for 3 companies for the last 30 years. Now lets see if we can make it 4 and 5 before it is all over ;)

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