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Living by our values

When my actions fail to match my words, I hope others will give me the opportunity to set things right. In that spirit, I do the same for Oatly

In recent days, they have sued a smaller producer— Glebe Farm Foods Limited —in an effort to stop it from selling their PureOaty brand (top image). As reported by the BBC News, the Cambridgeshire farmer said, "Oatly says the name and packaging is too similar to theirs, but when we compare the two products side by side, we are surprised by this."

At the same time, Oatly took on the European Parliament with their “Are you stupid?” digital campaign intended to head off regulation around what alternative milk producers can and cannot print on their packaging. In that video, Oatly ridiculed the notion that consumers can’t tell the difference between Oatly and dairy milk (bottom image). Their video convincingly makes the case that consumers aren’t stupid and they have no problem distinguishing one product from another.

Which is it, Oatly? Do you believe that consumers are intelligent or not? Suing a smaller competitor while simultaneously making the opposite case to the European Parliament creates the impression that you aren’t living by the values you say are important to you.


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