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Most of all, we make it easier!

Our firm, Liquid - We Make It Easier! started 17 years ago when I left my corporate “big company” job at Tetra Pak back home in Sweden.

Leaving on great terms, we started immediately working together serving our joint customers; we provided outstanding service and expertise—filling a place in which they struggled to serve—all the while passing through their parts and equipment we were better able to service.

Promoting and selling our services as a pass through, the arrangement worked well for many years.

Over these years, we grew and expanded our capabilities beyond field services incorporating planning, project management, process engineering, design, skid module construction, automation and digitalization, software development, quality process and regulatory support to EPC organization.

As anyone may imagine, our ascension has turned some heads, garnering senior leader attention across the entire liquid food industry and beyond.

As a result, no longer will our valued customers be able to order our services directly through Tetra Pak. Although they were a good channel partner over the years, your hunger for Liquid - We Make It Easier! direct services globally has reset the market.

To be clear, the relationship was good for many years and we are far from being upset. We understand.

What does this mean? Modest changes.

Rather than going through corporate channels, come directly to us as you all have for years.

We can and will continue to service any equipment in your plant as we have for years and we will be just as fast and responsive as always.

We were always—and will continue to be—100% independent.

Fiercely so, in fact.

One might say we are almost fanatical serving each and every customer.

We only have one rule: take excellent care of our customers, no matter what.

Your needs are our top priority. Period

We deliver mission critical expertise, technology, and equipment worldwide 24x7x365.

We fly the globe at a moment’s notice… to protect your interests.

We always operated this way and nothing can stop us from continuing to ensure your business operates safely, efficiently and profitably.

Most of all, we make it easier!


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