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My ‘We Make It Easy’ trip continued during the past week, with..

My ‘We Make It Easy’ trip continued during the past week, with customer stops in Boise, Sacramento and elsewhere in California. The combination of driving cross country and being face-to-face with our customers is exhilarating for me.

“We make it easy” isn’t our slogan or tagline; it’s our growth strategy for the coming years.

Although we have a long list of delighted customers, we have barely begun to service as many customers as we would like. Our goal is to make it dramatically easier for large scale liquid food manufacturers to produce top-quality products at a healthy profit.

We do this by reducing downtime, and also by increasing precision and predictability. There should be no surprises in a major food production plant, and we make it easier for our clients to operate that way.

This coming week, our CEO is flying in from a two-week business trip to Brazil and is switching planes in Texas to meet me at a customer’s plant here in California.

That’s how we operate: 100% focused on your needs, and on making your lives easier.

We want to make a much greater impact in this industry, and we welcome every opportunity to do that.

Francisco Quinones thanks for hosting me on 14 minutes notice at 07:21am And thank you so much for trusting your business with Liquid - We Make It Easier! We are very happy to be a part of what you do, and I will work hard to ensure your success.


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