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No Forgiveness, No Forgetting: Holding Authoritarians Accountable

Some say we should just forgive and forget to heal as a society. But what about actions that really crossed the line, like taking away freedoms or pushing unproven ideas? Forgetting isn't the answer.

It's also worth noting that some people thrived during these times by acting like authoritarians. They used the situation to restrict and control others, violating human rights and freedoms. Just saying they meant well doesn't make it okay, and could actually encourage more bad behavior in the future.

Sorry doesn't cut it. People who did wrong need to fully admit their mistakes. Until that happens, we shouldn't talk about forgiving or forgetting.

Instead, we need to hold these people accountable, especially the authoritarians. They should be remembered for what they did so we don't make the same mistakes again. Their actions should serve as a warning for the future.

So, no, we can't just forgive and forget. What we need is real accountability for everyone involved.

P.S. This also goes for those who I've crossed paths with who considered themselves superior, labeling me and others bad people for not buying into the propaganda and false narratives. Accountability is for everyone!


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