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Of course, today I am the opposite. I hate..

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Some people thrive on structure, and need it desperately; others do far better when you allow them to control when, where and how they work.

Often lost in debates about WFH and hybrid strategies is the indisputable fact that people are different. What works best for you might be a horrible idea for someone else.

Growing up in Sweden, I tried to learn in a school system that was extremely unstructured; we were invited to manage our own time each week so that we got our assignments done in the manner we preferred. For me, the result was that I often stumbled, and didn’t learn as much as I now wish I had.

Of course, today I am the opposite. I hate structure.

People are not only different, but also our needs change over time.

If your business allows, there can be significant benefits from making conscious decisions regarding how much structure different employees enjoy. Instead of asking whether your business should return to the office or work from home, try approaches that bring out the best in each employee… which in turn will maximize your business results.

By the way, I recognize not every business has this degree of flexibility. But I also know that more than you might guess could benefit from such an approach.


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