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Operation warp speed

#operationwarpspeed enabled an unprecedented leap toward a historic breakthrough that is as we move forward save countless lives. It leveraged the best experts from the federal government and private industry as it developed several effective vaccines that the whole world is now benefiting from.

In general, an infection gives a much more robust defense than a vaccine. Therfore, at this point in time, vaccinate people who already had the infection, is an unnecessary medical procedure that brings individual risk and most likely no reward. We the people, shouldn’t feel afraid to ask legitimate questions about the vaccine, and it’s pros and cons to us as individuals.

Let us accept and remember, that tomorow, we will know more than we know today.

Below two quotes from Dr Hooman Noorchashm that I strongly agree with.

"I am very strong supporter of this vaccine. I believe that Operation Warp Speed delivered to America in under a year the equivalent of putting a man on Mars, frankly. And this vaccine is probably going to be the most powerful and effective vaccines we have ever made."

"Just like any other medical therapy and treatment, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. And if we attempt to make one size fit all, we will almost certainly cause harm."

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