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Our delightful meal this week with..

Our delightful meal this week with Kristina Skudar and Árpi László Lendlstrengthened my optimism and uplifted my spirits.

László is a newer relationship for me, but he is quite a character in the most positive sense of that word. We get along quite well, and was a big part of the reason I so greatly enjoyed our early dinner.

Kristina is so comfortable in her own skin that the feeling is contagious. She seems to instantly adapt to her surroundings, including the people around her. The first time I met her, within an hour it felt like we were old friends.

A big part of this, I suspect, is that she speaks openly and with no fear of being criticized or corrected. Someone described her as “firm but respectful” in speaking her mind, and I agree.

For sure, a big part of my reaction to Kristina reflects who I am. As you probably know, I am perpetually curious and am highly motivated to find the truth, even when it might conflict with my preexisting beliefs and opinions.

Kristina doesn’t wait to speak before making sure you will agree with her; she tells you what she sees and thinks, and I find this quality to be incredibly welcome.

What a joy to spend time with both of them.


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