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Simple, powerful ideas have the power to unite us

Simple, powerful ideas have the power to unite us. A few days ago, I wrote about Allemansrätten, which in Sweden is also called everyman’s right. It’s a simple principle with numerous benefits across the entire society. If you missed my post, just Google the name.)

In the United States, for many years it was the American Dream… that with hard work and effort, anyone could rise to any level.

In both cases, there were not 100 principles explaining how to do this; there was just one powerful idea, widely accepted.

As a society, one of our challenges today is that we seem to lack such powerful unifying ideas. Too often, we highlight our differences rather than the idea or ideas that unite us.

In that spirit, I’ll share the observation that these unifying ideas are generally positive in nature. They are based on widespread benefits across society.

You divide society by saying what’s wrong with other people, but you unite us by offering a principle or belief that binds us together.

P.S. The unifying idea of my Liquid - We Make It Easier! Road Trip is (you guessed it) we make it easier!

P.S. 2 In this photo, you see me, my l wife, our incredible friends Sahra Lindman & Magnus Lindman, with our loyal dogs. You might wonder why this photo is here. The reason is simple—unity. Just as our diverse group finds unity in friendship and love, so should society find unity in powerful, positive principles.


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