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“Speak with honesty, act with integrity.”

“Speak with honesty, act with integrity.” It’s there at the top of my LinkedIn profile, but what does my headline actually mean?

The first half is pretty clear: I speak my truths, no matter who is listening. My opinion doesn’t change based on what’s convenient or popular. To the very best of my ability, the words that come out of my mouth accurately represent how I think and feel.

The second half—act with integrity—is slightly more complicated to describe.

Despite what I just expressed, I know that many of my opinions will ultimately be proved wrong. (This is true for everyone, not just me.) For that reason, I am always willing to listen and learn. Despite my outspokenness, it is absolutely possible to change my mind.

My integrity involves remaining true to my desire to always be learning. It also means that if you can prove me to be wrong, I will not only admit it; I will thank you for educating me.

I don’t speak to hear the sound of my own voice. I talk to start conversations, to provoke others to think and to give myself the ability to learn.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


The image visualizes the principle of unrestrained self-expression, illustrating the concept of not censoring oneself. It conveys the significance of speaking openly and honestly, embodying the essence of freedom of speech and the power of an uncensored voice, fostering genuine dialogue and understanding.


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