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🔍 Sunday Insight: Expanding Your Views on Inflation🔍

Expand your views this Sunday with a must-watch video by Peter St Onge, PhD. In just under four minutes, he succinctly summarizes a foundational truth about inflation: it benefits those with access to the printing press or the additional money being printed.

This isn't a mere opinion; it's basic knowledge that everyone should have in today's society. The prevalent narrative that inflation is inherently positive overlooks the fact that it can act as theft, favoring those in control of monetary creation.

I encourage you to watch Peter’s concise and enlightening video, an essential starting point for anyone who is curious or open-minded enough to challenge mainstream media (MSM) and the official narrative. I will post the link to the video in the first comment below, along with a link to Peter’s Substack.

POLL: Would you be better off in a deflationary or inflationary world?

• Better off in a deflationary world

• Better off in an inflationary world

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Please participate in the poll and share your insights below.

Let's foster a society where sound economic understanding is accessible to all.


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