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The details matter!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Everytime you try to compare prices, don’t forget two key words: for what?

Imagine that you are quoted $900 versus $750 for the “same” solid hardwood bedroom dresser. But the $900 quote includes delivery and setup and taking away all packaging; the $750 does not. You go with the cheaper price and then damage your dresser—and your wall—trying to carry the dresser up your stairs.

Or perhaps two new cars are “similarly” priced, but one price includes all service for the first 100,000 miles and the other quote does not.

Understanding “for what” often requires you to be a good customer. When you seek quotes, be sure to specify all the features that are important to you. Ask for a specific list of what is included, and what is not.

Too often, customers go through the motions of getting three quotes, but they are vague in describing their needs and thus get three completely different prices for three completely different levels of service. It becomes impossible to compare options and make a sound decision.

One last example: when is an apple not an apple? An organic apple is not just “an apple”; it commands a higher price and eating it will have a different effect on your body than one grown through conventional methods.

The details matter!


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