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The hard part is production.

Ask Tesla Ask Rivian Ask any company that’s focused on making a great product, day after day.

We call it Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); it measures how well a manufacturing facility operates versus its full potential. Within Liquid, raising OEE and keeping it high for our clients is the focus of our field services engineering team.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently to expand our field services capabilities, which is a fancy way of saying: find, train and nurture talent.

Morten Nielsen helps make this possible. At Liquid - We Make It Easier! he’s a Competence Development Manager, which means he strengthens the skills and knowledge that our team members possess. Danish by birth, now living in Thailand, Morten interacts with our employees all around the planet (thank you, virtual technology). Of course, just like the rest of us, he travels quite a bit.

I’m grateful to Morten as well as the entire field services team for making the hardest challenge in the business seem like just another day’s work.


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