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The pace of change will never..

The pace of change will never slow down.

You will never have more time or more breathing room to make important decisions than you do today.

If you think that the world is already volatile and unpredictable, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Which adds up to one thing: you must learn to pivot.

Think back to 2019. Has there been even one year since then in which you accurately predicted what was likely to happen? If so, then you are a lot smarter than I am; every one of the past four years has surprised me.

Pivoting has become an essential skill. As the facts change, as unexpected events come one right after another, you must be able to re-evaluate your plan. Sometimes you can get away with minor adjustments. But in many cases, a full scale pivot is the right choice, and you must be able to make such a choice without excessive delay.

Occasionally, you may be able to stick to the plan. But just don’t expect that to happen too often.


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