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Then think about this.

Facts do not care about our feelings, neither does any virus. This trial, that seems to be the only one done in real life, not in a lab environment. Concluded that a surgical mask, not a bandana, did not reduce the risk of getting the virus. Let science guide us2

Then think about this.

- Governor of California, Gavin Nelsom (D) attended a birthday party at Napa County’s exclusive French Laundry restaurant. At the same time as he releases draconian holiday guidelines. Attending was also CMA CEO Dustin Corcoran and lobbyist Janus Norman. The CMA, which is a powerful lobbying presence in the state Capitol, represents around 50,000 physicians in California.

-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Could go to the hairdresser without wearing a mask. When she shouldn’t have been there at all.

If these well informed people can move around in our society without masks, do you think it is needed for you and me to stay “safe”? Do you think that masks could give us a false sense of security?

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