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This was an unforgettable moment

This was an unforgettable moment: walking our daughter, Jennifer Samuelsson down the aisle to marry Thomas Ehlers

I felt joy for them, two special people who belong together.

I was beyond honored to have the privilege of walking Jen down the aisle.

For many years, my job and non-stop travel kept me from being fully present in Jen’s life. On her wedding day, that changed.

I’m not much for speeches, but here’s a bit of what I said at the wedding:

“Speaking for Veronica, Casper, and of course, myself, as I stand here looking at Jen and Tom, we are filled with pride.

“Jen, you've grown into such a strong, independent woman. And today?

“Today's just the icing on the cake, proving we did something right along the way.

“Tom, seeing you with Jen just feels right, and we're beyond thrilled to have you and your lovely family as a part of our family.

“Here's to the start of a beautiful journey!”


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