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Those who were harmed by the spread of lies deserve..

Those who were harmed by the spread of lies deserve justice. They deserve an apology, their jobs back, and backpay.

The narrative that was pushed was a pack of lies. It was designed to play on people's fear, trust and to sow discord.

Those who were targeted for speaking out against the lies were simply trying to do what was right. They deserve to be recognized for their courage and to be compensated for the harm that was done to them.

Future historians will have a trove of evidence that will easily contradict the dogmatic assertions of those on the side of the official narrative. The truth will eventually come out, and those who were responsible for spreading the lies will be held accountable.

I doubt that people outside the US can even imagine how bad it was here. The lies were so pervasive and so damaging that they tore the country apart. It was a dark time, but I am hopeful that we can move forward and heal when the responsible are held accountable.


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