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To maximize your results, the only logical decision is..

Please pay careful attention to that Gold 2 you see in the upper right hand corner of this formula. When people talk about productivity, they often miss the impact of that number.

This formula argues that the impact of your mental effort is SQUARED, which means it has an exponentially higher impact on your results than either your physical effort or how much time you invest.

Imagine that you work just one hour this week, but you use that time to come up with a business idea that will eventually grow larger than Amazon. The impact of that mental effort will dwarf anything you could create with just time or physical effort.

And yet, so many people talk about “being too busy to think” or “having no time to learn”. Such conclusions are self-fulfilling traps. Unless you set quality time aside for thinking, you will never achieve anything big.

In emergencies, I’ve occasionally worked 80 or 100 hours in a single week. That’s nothing to be proud of, and all I accomplished was to get past the emergency. I can’t maintain the highest level of thinking for even ten hours in a row, and the same is almost certainly true of you.

To maximize your results, the only logical decision is to value your thinking time more than any other asset you possess.


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