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Want to maximize your health and happiness?

If you have a choice, stay out of the red zone!

In this framework developed by Dr. Josh Turknett, the basic idea is to embrace interventions in

the lowest numbered quadrant possible. That is, it’s better to exercise, dance, sing, spend time

outside and play sports (quadrant 1) than to have surgery, take prescription medicines or have

other invasive medical procedures (quadrant 4).

To say this another way, the more you embrace health and fitness interventions within

quadrants one, two or three… the better your odds of not needing an intervention from quadrant


Many people do the opposite, and it results in unnecessary pain and suffering; they rely solely

on drugs to control (somewhat, or perhaps not at all) physical ailments. Years of poor diets and

too little exercise take a toll.

I share this to help increase awareness that small, proactive changes now can minimize pain

and suffering in the future.


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