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We are taking a few weeks off..

If you live in or near Scandinavia and are looking to join a hard-charging, highly successful firm like Liquid please read this post.

But first, a bit of background. Now that we are in Scandinavia, I just hit the PAUSE button on my Euro 2023 Road Trip.

We are taking a few weeks off from customer visits, for two reasons.

First, we need to catch up on exercise and healthy eating. It is exciting to travel, but one solid month on the road can get tiring. Near where we are staying, there is a small mesa called Billingen, which is covered by a vast forest. I particularly enjoy trail running in this area and it re-energizes me.

But the big reason for our pause is that I need a couple of weeks to focus on recruiting additional members of our European team. We have a number of interviews scheduled already, but I am still open to hearing from talented individuals with a healthy dose of initiative. I’ll even get back in the car to meet you, if you want to meet me halfway.

I have never been more excited about our operations in Europe and our ability to add tremendous value to the customers we serve. We offer extraordinary opportunities to talented individuals who thrive when given a lot of freedom. Liquid - We Make It Easier! is a meritocracy in which we celebrate results and your dedication to doing the right things for our customers.

If you are interested in talking to me, please send me a message.

Setpoint Industrial | a Liquid Company


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