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We could have prevented thousands of deaths. Let’s focus on substance, and truth.

Imagine that we have spent the last few years in a large room. During that time, 100% of our attention has been on a few mosquitoes buzzing in one corner of the room. We have been obsessed with these tiny insects, watching their every move and arguing endlessly about their motives.

Meanwhile, none of us have said anything about the massive gorilla in the far corner of the room. From time to time, he grunted or shifted, trying to get our attention. We ignored him.

For at least a decade, this is what we’ve done with every major issue, including Ukraine… where some people have been living under warlike conditions for eight years.. We have ignored what’s important to instead focus on sensationalist headlines and trivial issues. Almost no one has stopped to notice what truly matters.

The issue is not just the horrific war that is now raging. The real problem is our refusal to confront the true issues that threaten our world.

I work with people who live in Ukraine. Some have been suffering for years. No one cared.

We could have prevented thousands of deaths. Let’s move past the trivial differences that have separated us. Let’s focus on substance, and truth.


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