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When Digitalization and F&B knowledge not only matters.

When it is what’s make the difference. Liquid Consulting, Walney Luz & Marcelo Ferrer are the ones you want to work with.

Walney Luz
Liquid Consulting is specialized in upgrading your obsolete UHT Sterilizer, Sterile Tank, Separator and Milk Fat Standardizer control panels built with old Allen Bradley PLC5 & SLC500, old SattControl 5/15/45/200 lines or old Siemens S7-300 & S7-400.
Upgrade them with latest hardware and software from Allen Bradley or Siemens for continued operation of equipment, without the need of re-training operators, with minimum downtime and for a fraction of the cost of a brand new system.
Give your sturdy stainless-steel dairy and beverage equipment another 15 - 20 years of productive and dependable life with very little investment!

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