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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Would your company like to have its own #oatmilk product line? I can help you launch such products in less than two months.

We have developed oat milk that looks and tastes like consumers expect it to look and taste. Our milk doesn’t separate. You don’t have to shake it to have it look appealing. It feels good in your mouth, even though we use only three ingredients. (Other manufacturers use many more ingredients than consumers want, in order to achieve that “feel good” sense.)

You can sell our oat milk as your own; we are all set to make this possible.

For details, please message me.


I want to add that, for me, It’s a thrilling time to work in the liquid foods industry, which is experiencing a shift away from animal-based products (such as cow’s milk) and towards plant-based alternatives.

Many profitable and successful companies find themselves over-reliant on animal-based offerings. They must move quickly to shift their product portfolios... through partnerships, product development and/or acquisitions. Speed matters, as does quality.

All around the world, individuals and companies are shifting towards more sustainable ways of living; we are already deep within this transition, but lots of firms have yet to shift their product portfolios in a meaningful manner.

This is what I love best, and I am thrilled to share our latest offering with others to expand the space.


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