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Yesterday, the journey took an even more..

This years Liquid - We Make It Easier! Euro 2023 Road Trip encompasses so much more than just serious matters.

Our short time in Sweden has been particularly delightful as we rekindle bonds with many dear friends.

Yesterday, the journey took an even more remarkable turn as we were blessed with a few hours of free time. Taking full advantage, together we embarked on a short local road trip to the world-famous destination of Kivik ;)

The scenic drive treated us to the sight of The King's Grave, an awe-inspiring archaeological site. Picture this: a majestic burial mound standing tall at approximately 3.5 meters, with a diameter of about 75 meters. Dating back to the Bronze Age, around 1400 BC, it boasts an age of over 3000 years. Isn't that mind-boggling?

But let's not forget the highlight of our adventure. The stop at the local caffe, where they served a great Cortado with a sea-salt licorice flavored praline. Not expected and a perfect addition to our Euro 2023 Road Trip, creating another cherished memory.


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